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This really is an adorably well put together platformer! There's lots to be loved here, the characters are very cute, the colours are vibrant and the challenge is real!

There's lots of hidden areas to be found before getting the elusive gold medal on any of the levels, there's lots of unexpected surprises (mostly involving snakes) as you get further into the game and there's a whole truckload of tough decisions to be made to determine whether you get those last few crystals on a level or not!

I've fought my way through 5 of the 7 levels on offer so far and can't wait to sink my teeth into the last two. I've thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and I encourage anyone who's a fan of old-school platformers to get stuck in, and I also encourage the developer to stick with it and keep up the awesome work =)


Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review like this, I'm glad you liked the game and I really enjoyed the video, you did pretty good in the first 2 levels and I think you can finish it :)  Also make sure to update the game to 1.2.1 (which fixes a lot of stuff specifically in the last two levels) so you can enjoy it even more.

And with these kind of reviews I'm definitely going to create more games in the future for everyone to enjoy :)  Thanks a lot for playing, supporting and giving an awesome review like this, have a nice day Mikey :)