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ok I made it to level 20 (small vertical slots on either side of board, about shoulder level) and I am well and truly stuck. I see no way to squeeze the torso through because i can't reliably turn the upper body sideways for fine tuning, nor can I keep the skeleton in a pose that would be forceful enough to sever the spine while launching it through, yet stable enough to hold before that point.

Yeah~! that's the level I've gotten too as well- I haven't tweaked any of the '++' levels, and designed them rather quickly. Mostly with the thought in mind that they weren't beatable at all, and maybe people could figure out ways to get through them!

I'm not quite sure I should change them yet. I'm still seeing if anyone gets past them? Am definitely keeping an eye on them right now though.

I'm actually kind of also looking to see if anyone comes up with a strategy that can get them past ANY wall, even if it had no holes at all in it! haha

Thanks for making it this far though and trying really hard on this level!!!!

it would definitely awesome if you could refine the game more!! it's really enjoyable besides the impossible levels.

also i don't think it's possible to bypass the wall entirely and still have it count because from my observations, only bones that are still in contact with the 'mat' and have not been pushed by the wall count towards your score. i made my skelly cartwheel off the stage and got 0%