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Thanks a lot for playing, I really enjoyed the video and the rage :D , I think you're actually doing good, I believe you can do it :)

If you decided to make part 2 , make sure to update your game to 1.2.1 (Has more fixes and optimization)

Thank a lot for your support, and I hope you're not mad at Miko :D

Have a great day.



I already did part 2  on the same day as i did part 1 last Tuesday,   i fished the game, in a total of 6 hours , unfortunately i had already unloaded a video that day,  so i had to wait until this Tuesday  to upload part 1,  part 2 is going up tomorrow/ Today Wednesday,  i won't be putting part 2 up on the site,  I'll only put it up  on my channel.  I don't what to feel like i'm trying to get to much exposure of my channel,  i'm not like that. 😉

Nice work finishing the game, it must have been a real challenge.

I Hope you had a fun time in those 6 hours :)