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These are super nice, reminds me a lot of Earthbound, but a couple of things.

1. I would love to see a "base" model of these, with no hair / clothes so that people can easily add their own. Perhaps even some base "heads" with different eyes or expressions that people can add their own hair to, or transplant provided hair onto.

2. It looks as though the sideways walking animation has the left/right foot and hand going forward at the same time instead of being opposite, if you know what I mean by that. You don't step forward with your right foot and swing your right hand forward at the same time. Easily fixed, but might be worth fixing on the assets just in case.



Hi Kritter,

1) this is an excellent idea - I already wanted to give several "emotions" (expressions) to the characters, a base head / body would certainly be useful!

2) mmmh this was not the intended effect, I'll make sure to polish the animation / make it clearer in the next update

Thanks for your feedback! ☺️


side walking animation fixed in v1.2! 👍