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WELL! That was a blast from the past

Amazing! Simply amazing! I am really hard to get excited about a game and the demo of Aurora:The Lost Medallion Episode I really hit me. Old school adventure gaming but with an open world feel that doesn't feel like it was made in the 90's like other games that are hitting the #retromania on Steam as of late.

One thing that kept me is the game's vibe were the cross-scenes which gave bits on the underlying story. Very intriguing story by the way.

Loved the way the puzzles manifested in a balanced manner; not to hard yet not too easy to make the game dull. A good fit both for adults and a younger audience.

The voicing is industry standard as well which is a rare sight for demos - especially those from Greek software houses that I've seen in the past. The music is immersive - you are wandering a cave and it sounds like you are in one.

One suggestion for improvement for the main game would be to make Aurora run when double click is used!

Overall, great stuff and really looking forward to the main game!

Wow, what we can say now about your comment. We can surely say that you have completely understood what we had in our minds, before designing this game. We are so happy that you got this and that you liked the demo so much. We promise you that the full episode I will be 10 times better. Thank you again for playing our demo.