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I think what this game could have done to show that the loss of objects was freeing and not a preclude to suicide was emphasize the new future the character wanted, and to keep/appreciate what things added to their life. What if they walked up to their bed and said something like "It might not be the comfiest, but it fits my budget and has been good to me" 

Or when they give up their TEENAGE DREAM, they could say something like "Experiences are more important to me now instead of the crowds chanting my name." Also, the character says should and not want to- so it seems like they don't have the time to do what they love but that someone else is telling them what is better for them. (no internet, or games, or tv, or OLD books, or music)

As someone, who embraced minimalism too quickly- that childhood stuff stung. I traveled a lot as a kid, so my things were one of the few constants in my life and I regret chucking them so rapidly.  Finally, I agree an all-things-are-good speech would be useful.