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(Thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately, I don't have an official walkthrough included, but as for hints, I would check the science classroom next to Sage. Best of luck!)

Oh thank you! I missed that, I guess my eyes didn't pick up the contrast or the cable hanging off the desk, even though I looked everywhere!

I really enjoyed your game and you definitely exceeded my expectations when I downloaded it - it provided great entertainment for a number of hours.  The only constructive criticism I would offer is that the last part of the game felt like it skipped too much plot, but I did like the way you wrapped things up. And in fact, it certainly seems you've left open the possibility to explore a sequel someday?

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(Thank you for playing the game, and thank you once more for your feedback! I should probably lighten the contrast in the cable a little bit, because there have been other people who have had a similar issue. Maybe sometime in the next patch?)

(I agree with your assessment that some parts of the story are rushed. When I originally wrote the game, I had planned to make it much longer, but my interest in the project waned so I had to dramatically shorten it. But you're right; I definitely could have done a lot more.)

(As for a sequel, maybe someday, but not someday soon. My hands still need to recover, and I have a few projects that I would like to tackle first, but I left the story open for a reason, and hope I can return to it.)

(In any case, I'm glad that you enjoyed the game!)