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Okay besides in my video as I played I never gave an actual critique of this game. So since a new update is here I figure why not.

note*: These lists are made by having imported old save into new game so some may be inaccurate for new games.

note2*: I mean no hate or ill will towards developers with critiques. I only wish to give positive and negative feedback to let them know how if they want to, to improve or fix minor/major problem in their games to make it more enjoyable.

What I like about the game play --------------------------

1. The addition of enemy health bars.

2. The animations look amazing(I don't know if they're default ones or self made so I won't assume)

3. Has a developing story and plot you can piece together with the interesting characters found in the game. 

4. You know regain 1 Ar per turn. If you watch my videos you see it is a challenge fighting with any especially against the bosses and monsters found throughout the floors. 

5. The combat system seems to have gotten balanced. Before this update essence absorption was 3 Ar which meant I could spam the hell out of it. Now it seems fair at 5.

6. The graphics and sprites of all the people and monsters look more developed and polished.

7. This new engram upgrade tablets.

What I like as a whole--------


2. The post carnage screen.

3. I now fear chickens.

4. The fact that you can either explore the area and get upgraded gear or rush in and fight everything.

5. Jeffrey before hes hungry.

What I don't Like---------------------

1. Without grinding smaller units or stocking up on loads of morphine it is practically impossible to kill the bosses.

2. With only a few weapons so far you have to depend on Caelus and Physical attacks more than you should. With  a game depending on how you interact with the environment and characters there should be more than 1 way to play.

3. Some enemies (such as crawlers) will used  attacks repeatedly in a row forcing you to heal, then they hit you with one of their strongest moves basically negating the healing and forcing a lose unless you have overheal. But you do get stronger weapons and upgrades when killing the monster so this may just be me being bad at games.

I really like this new update and the whole vent travel system added with all the reworks. I will have a video up probably on February 7 if all goes well . Great job and hope this game gets picked up more people to allow it grow and become one that is remembered for years and is nostalgic to play after finding it again.