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Yeah I'm a backer too (nowhere near as high tier as you though) and my main concern is the creator. I get burnout and I get mental health issues all too well, and I realise it must be really demoralising for Agashi to potentially open another update with "sorry for disappearing". I know because I've been there (not with anything as high stakes as developing a Kickstarter game). She was also super helpful when I didn't receive the wallpapers, so I'm totally aware that she cares a ton about this project.

I followed the Queen's Crown tumblr until that stopped being updated after the first disappearance, and I remember being concerned with burnout even then. I know those types of "character reacts" blogs are very popular, with Ebon Light doing something similar, but it was being updated very regularly and the only ones I see update that regularly... are the short-lived ones. That being said, aside from someone saying her twitter updated in early December, no one's heard from her in ages - even, "hi guys I'm alive but there's been little progress on the game" would be useful. A lot of successful KS games usually do monthly updates - Zodiac Axis is an example of one even when the updates are "we've had to take a giant step backwards" they always update. And I think if Agashi returns to this project (assuming she's left it a little), that sort of routine might be helpful to both us backers and herself. I don't care if Queen's Crown is perfect or not, hell at this stage whether it gets finished or not (though I think Agashi probably still wants to) - regular updates, even if it comes to "sorry I have to abandon this project, here's the half-finished game", are all we need.