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So I've played through twice now, but I'm a little curious about relationships, or at least Brea specifically. Theere's a segment where you need to comfort her, but it keeps telling me I should have more knowledge of the Castle and such. It sounded like it was telling me I needed more magic training, but I cant train with Sunny. The option is grayed out. Is this something to be implemented in another release or did I miss something? Liking the game a lot so far though.

Hey PWWI! Sounds like you are as far as you can go with Brea for Chapter One, so nice job. (= 

To train with Sunny further you probably need to Talk to her. 

Glad you are enjoying your Apprenticeship so far! Let me know if you have any more questions, or join the AGL discord if you want to talk with your fellow Apprentices! =D

Cheers! -din

Cool, I'll do that. Thanks!