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Really cool game! Controls are spot-on, it's got its own cool style. Nice! Only two things I dislike are the scrolling. Quite frequently you cannot see what's above or below you. I think you should fix that. And, the lack of saving!!! I refreshed only to notice that it does not return to my last checkpoint :-(


Hey there swoopie. Glad you checked out the game and enjoyed it :)

1. I've made a few adjustments to the camera + level design to hopefully make some of the awkward moments less problematic. The vertical behavior of the camera isn't perfect, but it's a bit better!

2. Sorry about the lack of hard saving on refresh. That didn't make the original "budget" of the game since it was sort of meant to be a 45-minute-sitting game. I'll be incrementally adding some features and load/save is on the list.

Thanks again for playing!

Took it for another spin, not sure if I want to redo everything though. However, it's a lot better now indeed, still have a few points where you just have to take a leap of faith. Why not use the down button to move the viewport down? Like a 'look' button'? I also would suggest to use up for jumping instead of z, or both.