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Love it! The graphics, the music, the sound effects. "Left" and "Right" didn't work for me to rotate the disk, but "A" and "D" (as in the left and right of WASD) did work. Is there any way to exit the minesweeping minigame once you are in there (apart from winning it, of course)?

Only other thing is that "Talk" and "Tools" are kind of verbs, and the others are locations. Might have been nice to just talk by clicking the characters and same for the tools - click on them to activate (leaving only the "rooms" as the actions -- "Quit" could be a classic "Exit To DOS"-door thing).

Would enjoy playing a graphic adventure in that style (reminds me a lot of 2064 Read Only Memories).


whoops, thanks for pointing out Left/Right not spinning, I've fixed that. I didn't implement any way to abandon the minigame, sorry :(.

Thanks for playing!