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What a poignant and very personal game... the theme for this jam was very problematic because it is a very personal theme... what home means to YOU... and yet in a jam people are encouraged to work together. 

I loved the theme, and I hated that is is the theme of GGJ... this game shows what 1 person can do with this theme... where most teams were making games about "A Home", this game is about the person who made it. 

Of course it can be improved in the technical aspect, like collisions and camera, but this is an amazing creation.

I Totally Agree With That Suhail ..... it's a very personal theme ... I loved it as I usually work alone you know but unfortunately I suggested on the teams to work as smaller teams as possible but most of them were >2 ... 

Thank you so much for the comment about the game, I was really happy reading it :D .. I already modified the camera but you probably added your comment before I re-upload ... about collision in some areas yeah it needs improving I will once I cool down since organizing GGJ consumed me ... but if you mean the big square collision thingy beside the elevator it was meant to be a hidden stash but I forgot to finish it :D