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Awesome! And I saw another person's comment on the sfw release talking about "creepy" or "trashy" import games designed in Japan, Korea and China, going on about how "bad" or lowbar certain gameplay elements are while talking bitterly about other fans who enjoy it. I don't imagine you get many people coming at the game from that angle so don't take this the wrong way, but do you see yourself removing any existing features from this in the future or from the full game's eventual title release? Edit (answered some of my own questions!) :Also I was intending to get the I believe $20 game on preorder. I'm just wondering how that all comes together in terms of support for you and when this will all get churned out. Will it be like a greater Chapter 2/Final Chapter thing or include both maybe? I don't mean to prod if you haven't finalized plans yet!


I will not sacrifice my Faulty Apprentice vision for anything other than budget restrictions. So rest assured touching will stay (=

Final release copy will include Chapter One and all subsequent chapters. Preordering is lowest price for the full release and gives you access to bonus rewards, but will not give you access to Ch1 NSFW version.

Purchasing Ch1 NSFW here on itch will give you access now and allow you to put the $10 you spend now towards the full game purchase at the time of release (to be announced).

Final price may vary, so both options have their merits. Hope that answers your questions, but if you have anymore let me know! =D


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Cool! I appreciate and admire that drive and dedication, no matter to how silly the topic may seem. After all, it's gotta be one way or the other. Regardless of how the game turns out or even if you do decide to cut anything, I'll support you every step of the way. I can totally and confidently get behind a dev with as strong, honest and unflinching a compass as you! Already preordered the full game! I'm excited and interested in what your vision brings!

edit: Is there an option to pay the 10 for this and pay the full price in addition for the full game or is it kindof built in that we have to put this 10 towards the final product? edit: Never mind, I've got it all taken care of. Put an extra 5 towards this Ch1 purchase and was able to preorder the full game at full price as well!

edit: I'm having slight issues with the survey to confirm the purchase. I answered all questions but it wont let me passed, saying all questions must be answered. If it helps though, my responses were 1.) I just googled for games I would enjoy and found yours. 2.) All of the above. 3.) I'm partial towards FA, but look forward to whatever you guys come up with next.


Hey PWWI! Wow! Thank you for the ambush of support!! I went ahead and confirmed your pre-order was successful. We'll get in touch with you again at time of release to doublecheck everything anyways, so rest assured that ending survey issue won't stop us from getting you your copy! (=

Cheers and glad you are enjoying Faulty Apprentice so far! -din

So I've played through twice now, but I'm a little curious about relationships, or at least Brea specifically. Theere's a segment where you need to comfort her, but it keeps telling me I should have more knowledge of the Castle and such. It sounded like it was telling me I needed more magic training, but I cant train with Sunny. The option is grayed out. Is this something to be implemented in another release or did I miss something? Liking the game a lot so far though.

Hey PWWI! Sounds like you are as far as you can go with Brea for Chapter One, so nice job. (= 

To train with Sunny further you probably need to Talk to her. 

Glad you are enjoying your Apprenticeship so far! Let me know if you have any more questions, or join the AGL discord if you want to talk with your fellow Apprentices! =D

Cheers! -din

Cool, I'll do that. Thanks!