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If you like to, It would be nice seeing my game added to the list. 

It's a short adventure about love, death, a long lost legendary sword, AND coffe,
I tried pushing the boundaries of bitsy a bit, so i ended up using some base functions of borksy in addition. Especially Exit via dialogue was helpful to make temporary doors using items.

It has been showcased on Berlin's TALK AND PLAY recently, and everyone that came to play it, which was quite a few people, were really curious about bitsy, so most of my talks have been like a sales pitch for your engine, but it was really nice, as most of them never heard of it before, and were amazed that it all runs in your browser. One group directly decided to use it for their next game jam. So, yeah, thanks for having made such an accessible tool. It is really fun and easy to use.

Thanks and have a great day,