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Hey! If you need any help, be it Voice acting or Music, feel free to contact me via Email at: "" I work for free or through payments of potatos, either is fine ^^

P.s. I absolutely love this game! I can't wait for chapter three!

Thank you so much, James! But I'm afraid everyone gets paid with money, that's my number 1 rule :>

I'm working on chapter 3 at full speed, hope to have news soon!

I do work for payment, but I honestly just love this game that I figured I’d help in anyway I can to the best of my abilities (only in the VA and music composition fields, as I suck at everything else x3). If you do want to pay me, I’ll accept no more than $1 period. I can send to some examples of my music work and a voice demo if you’d like to review my talent.

And AHHHH! Now I really can’t wait for chapter three!!