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Hello, I pre-ordered what I thought was the full game about a year ago (320 days) but looking at it again it says Chapter 1, did I mess up somehow or did something change? I would like the full game, is there a way for me to pay the $14.99 difference ? I think it was tagged "Pay what you want" or something similar, it's been a while, is it being released in stages? What should I do?

It even says 'You own this game.' at the top of this page.

Hey Rainbow! You should be able to pay the remaining difference for additional content on itchio games at any time. Future installments and in-game Events will be Patreon exclusive until final release. Chapter One will be replacing the outdated Demo, so depending how much you previously donated, you will have access to the uncensored Chapter One when we release tomorrow!

Thanks so much for being interested in Faulty Apprentice! If you have anymore question let me know =D


Hello again, sorry to be such a bother. Thank you for your reply but I tried searching itchio games for the full version and it only has chapter 1. The only way for me to pre-order the full is through the backer kit for $19.99.  I'm not sure how this all really works because this is the first game I've ever done this sort of thing with, (because I love your work so much), would it be possible for me buy the full version and have you reimburse me the $5 I already spent? Again, sorry for the trouble.

We are only releasing Chapter One now, the full game release is still a ways away and date will be announced later this year. Itchio saves the credit you have already spent and will allow you to pay the difference at the time of release. When chapter one is up hopefully that will make the process more clear for you, but either way we'll get you sorted out eventually (=

Cheers! -din

Ah, okay. Thanks a ton! Can't wait to play, the demo was great so I'm super excited!! I'll have to check out more of your work!