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Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and I was pretty surprised with how decent this demo was. I experienced no issues or bugs (Other than the door being a pain to move and some grammatical errors) It gave me RE7 vibes, low budget and pixelated RE7 vibes, which isn't a bad thing personally. Easily the scariest game of the 3 in the video. It does lack some interaction and some core features like sprinting and jumping and i can definitely see this game getting boring if it's just a "Back and forth, waiting for something to change/happen" But, it wasn't bad and i'm curious to see where the game goes from here, i'm interested. Btw, you might want to edit the last tier donations reward. They're not getting the game for free if they're paying $8. You can check out my playthrough for a more in-depth review below. it's the last game i played.