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Hello and congrats for your work.

I'm interested by your complete bundle "Useful Game Asset Pack" however after a deeper look to compare, i ve found some packs in that bundle, that are already included in some of other packs from that same bundle.

I.e. the "256 Space Strategy Game Units" pack, "Ultimate Battleship and Strategy Builder" pack and "Galactic Defender Supreme Evo (BattleShipBuilder Unit)" pack seem to be already included into the "Space Ultimate Megapack", the "3 in a row Game Assets" pack, "Isometric Empire" pack, "Military Vehicles (Top-Down Tanks + Trucks)" pack and "Great Chess Asset (Hundreds of Items)" pack seem to be already included into the "Huge Universal Game Asset" pack.

So how many other packs are finaly already included into those 2 packs or into others, and that are so useless dupications to download ? Can't you verify and remove all duplicated items from the "Useful Game Asset Pack"plz ?


Thx 4 your feedback. 

Short answer here:

All packages were paid earlier.

Enjoy free stuff! 

Have a great day!