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Theatrical cinematics are well crafted in your concept.The score in the background is intriguing.When you leave your cell and venture out hearing those loud sounds beyond the cell block really opens up the imagination.What is it you ask yourself ? Some hostile takeover or bandits or space pirates that have breached the prison.Possibly a alien that within the prison has escaped and the prison has been using prisoners as experiments.Could it be a prisoner turned monster ?

Awesome.  Love the imagination.  Hopefully, all the elements will fit together to give a slick and fullfiling adventure!

And thanks for all your feedback, it has been really useful and much appreciated. 

Also, you're most welcome to join our forum board where you can look to join the beta test program that'll start sometime soon(TM).  I do add the occasional dev blog to itch, so will probably announce the beta test here as well as on the forum.

Take care!

Where is the forum board ?