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"ANNOUNCEMENT: I have taken the game down. I'm leaving the page up, but the downloads have been removed. Check the latest devlog for more info on this."

In the announcement:

"I've got school starting up again soon. With the work-load that'll give me, as well as another project I'd like to start working on, I'll have a lot of other stuff to keep me occupied. With that said, I'll be officially taking down Unreal PT next week. This has blown up far more than I expected, but now that it's finished, I would like to move on and start work on something original."

This does not explain, why it was taken down. It just says that it was.

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I thought the same, there was no rational explanation given whatsoever, could it be copyright? malware/virus claims? could it be that he got offended somehow? I have no idea. But when you make something awesome for the world and you take it down without giving a proper explanation why... it's just unusually weird.