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So I got the card but cant reach it to use again and I cant bend down to unscrew the basement vent.Is there a way to bend down ? I cant go any lower in vr.

Hey again.  Thanks for reaching out again - this is actually helpful to me, also!  In the maintenance room, there's not only a drill, but on the open shelf next to the cupboard (a terrible looking tool bet) which is used as an inventory system and you can drop items onto - including the card.

The card flat on the floor, I see, is an issue!  It should be able to be picked-up, but I guess I need to make that easier to grab.

As for bending down, the game supports roomscale, so you should be able to crouch - even lay down.  But you'd have to do that physically.

I hope this helps. :)

On oculus I go low as the floor and still can't touch the game floor.

I develop with the Rift, the VR player controller is level to the ground, but I think real-world ground and the controllers make it a touch hard to actually touch the virtual-floor.  I'll investigate a better solution.

But, you should definitely be able to bend down to unscrew the cover to the basement using the drill and easily grab the cover to allow access...  Are you saying the headset view can't move up and down as you do?  That's worrisome if so.

Possibly add a recenter veiw could be useful.