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Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate the positive comments and the constructive criticism

I agree with a lot of what you said and I’m going to include some things (like the escape issue) in my next update and I’ll work on including other things (like the controls) as I continue to work on it

Sounds like there were some camera bugs? I think I’ve fixed that because I did a lot of work on the camera

I’m confused about the double jumping. You’re not supposed to be able to double jump. Would you be able to share a gif or video of it? Otherwise if you could explain when and where you’ve been able to do that it’s really help

I know there’s a weird bug where you can jump in the air when a room starts before you hit the ground but I don’t know about any other places where you can and I need to fix it :)

Thanks again! This is really helpful

Oh sure no problem ^^

Regarding the double jump: I think it happens when you either enter a level or you've just died and restart but I've definetly hit the ground before. I'll try and remember to make a video of it the next time it happens, since I don't really know how to trigger it on purpose. But I'll keep an eye out

Thank you! That’ll really help me out