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Thanks.  Development has moved quite far since I uploaded this, so at some point I'll update a nice new shiny one.  :)

And yeah, the hint given on the computer is a bit of a redherring... you'll see a thin layered shelf under the desk and there you should find the card.

And I'm happy for you! :)

I really like the opening to the game and the narration.It really has a feel similar to alien iso in deep space.

Thanks! I'm glad the opening helps set the scene.  I'm a huge fan of Sci-FI and in future projects (if all goes to plan) I'll be looking to create VR Space Operas (I've studied story structure for about a decade) - a bit like Mass Effect, but in VR!

First things first, I have to start small.  :)

As spoken by Jesus,those faithful with little will be faithful with much.To who much is given,much is expected.