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Hey RadiusGordello are you done with this project or are you still working on it, to me the project is 95% perfect only 1 thing i would really want to see added or patched in 

when looking into the bathroom when its open a crack the mother dose not pop out for a sec the door just randomly closes could you add her there to the animation what im taking about is this 

at 7:20 in this walk through

Overall great job man must have taken forever but any chance you could add this into it or are you done with it if so im sad lol. Hopefully it can get patched in 

BTW you said and i quote "Unreal PT was under constant development over the course of 9 months, starting in April 2018 and ending in January 2019" 

well its still Jan 2019 so...... maybe you could add that in? i would even be willing to pay you for the time it takes


Yes I agree, I would also be willing to pay. Even if you only added 3 things, the most important is seeing Lisa close that bathroom door. The reason is that it is an important moment where the antagonist actually SEES the player, you  make first contact right up front in their face. This instantly puts you on edge because you know it knows you are there. This makes the next time you see Lisa way scarier and every time after that as well. If you could add the roaches, and the missing sounds like hearing her footsteps when she walks towards the bathroom when you are trapped, that would be amazing. 

Absolutely, the short glimpse is the introduction of Lisa, it creates much of the tension of the whole game. Roaches would be great (Laczowskis remake, here on too, has them) and footsteps would be great, but Lisas appearence is the most important in my opinion.