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HerroGames- Can I have your permission to port this to the xbox/playstation stores?

Idk if ur being serious or not. Do you actually have publisher accounts. Can you port from unity? Lmk if ur being serious

Yes I'm serious. I want to make discs for it and everything. I just want your permission before I buy Dev accounts and publish them to the store. Also can I get the Unity Project files? I just need a copy that doesn't effect yours and the only thing I'll change is pry the control layout so it works better on console. I also need it so I can export it for Xbox or Microsoft store. It requires a .UWP file to publish. This is all pre-planned so it might take a few days to contact my bank and transfer the funds and publish it but I'll do it. Also at the moment I can only make an Xbox One version.

Ill need to talk to you privately. Do you have an email I can contact. Discord would be easiest for me.

Yeah. My discord is xxTemplar#1759. My email is


also will you have xbox source

BTW i am serious

Idk if it’s gonna be on Xbox store. Tried it and didn’t work


i found a nether portal and my game froze help

I NEED this on my xbox one if this happens i will scream with exitement