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Thanx for this Great Port!

A little Feedback on VR Mode: the Player can activate or find things only if he stand in a certain Spot within the roomscale playarea. I only was able to finish the Game after i Placed my Self were i saw that red glowing dot in the Mirror. At first i was irritated.

In the Vive the Game is very dark. For the Rift it s good a brightness Level.

I wasn t able to trigger Lisa to attack me in VR (but i guess thats intendet).

Yeah, unfortunately I had to disable the kill animation for VR because it completely screwed up the animation and camera position for the rest of the game. Again, I don't have a VR headset, so I wasn't able to test any of the VR portion myself, had to rely on what someone else told me to do everything for that, but I think the new update makes VR much more playable

I'm also an indie VR developer, and I highly recommend applying for the Oculus Start Dev program or reaching out to HTC about a Vive. Especially with this as a demo, I would think they'd send you a headset pretty quickly, so you could test and develop future projects. Good luck and great work! I look forward to whatever you decide to make next. Cheers!