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Please uncle  Gordello

fix some bugs  i hear that you are busy right now but if you chose 

1. please add Lisa shadow when we are walking like we are Lisa or she is behind us 

2 Add Lisa's face when bathroom door pre opens and we look inside the gap

3. Voice line of the plastic bag seems a bit off

4. And please add cockroaches and waking up up animation

Otherwise it's a grate and most accurate P.T Recreation I've seen so far

(1 edit)

Yes! Please add these! Having Lisa appear in the door crack the first time sets the mood for the rest of P.T. I think it's the biggest thing missing right now. I hope you decide to do an update with all these notes in mind. We bow our heads to you, all mighty and humble Gordello.

P.S. I would totally donate money to see all these changes put in.