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@PanDamia okay, stop agreeing with these people and saying the game is cool, it has a lot of problems that need to be fixed, the game is bad but I gave it a chance. Look up the definition of "review" because you all are commenting "OH SHUT THE FUCK UP THIS GAME IS COOL I LIKE IT"

Do you even know what a review is?

Jeez calm down.I know it's bad and have a rough here and there but we need to give the developer a's not easy to make games you know.And I'm not agreeing with people say the game is cool and perfect I just agreeing to them thinking positive and give the game a chance even though it's not good like other games.Think positive will ya and stop thinking bad of other people.And make sure before you judge me you judge yourself first.And yes I know what a review is but can you just give a nice review?Like.."The game is good but it have a weak point and need to be fixed but it's fine it's not that bad.Keep up the good work I hope to see a much better project soon."