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Here you go!


I have so many notes from this video, thank you so much.

One of the biggest ones is the vertical momentum - I made it additive for fun but you and the other commenter made it pretty clear that it's a bad idea, so I'll take it out.

There are a few bugs that I know about and have a fix for in the next patch, including:

  • the jet noise lingering after a super dash (forgot to turn off the sound when the dash is interrupted as opposed to canceled by the player)
  • the weird platform behavior (dumb error, it was a raycast from the player's center instead of each collider corner)
  • the wrong exit from Deep Town back to the first caves area (moved elements around to make that quasi-tutorial error and I missed the exit spawn point)

Aside from that, your feedback in general on the movement and NPC interaction is invaluable.  I should have made a few things clearer, like that Tara wants you to kill the sludges and that the lever to open the door to the boss fight is on the roof of Lauren's house.

Thanks again for the video.

Happy to help!