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As a hardcore TR fan (OG) I'm been waiting for somebody to recreate the style/tone/feel of the original games forever since the new games do very little for me. Pew pew. I have to say, as a proof of concept, I'm sold. If you're interesting in pursuing this title you have my ticket. The visual style is pleasing, the climbing is fluid and great, and the level design was also rad. I tried maybe 4-5 times to replay the experience to collect the secrets but unfortuantly this led to a lot of issues. All I ask is, if you do create a longer experience, you avoid adding combat, or add it sparingly aka threat of danger, not main loop :) Thanks so much for creating this. Now to try and see if there are any secrets I can get ^^

Spoilers: In case you're unaware, the gem to the right of the opening hidden beneath the ledge was - at least for me- unaccessiable. Droping from the top led to death because she wouldnt grasp the edge, and jumping in from the side ledge led to her grabing onto an invisible collider of some sort which I could not drop from or climb off. 
Additionally, the crouch key being held (gamepad) makes camera movement very difficult. I would suggest moving it or making it a toggle. 

Thank you so much! That feeling of calm isolated exploration was central to my idea, definitely. It's also why I didn't want to add any dialogue or too much narrative to distract from the player's exploration. I'm glad you feel I succeeded in that regard.

If you're going back to hunt for secrets, I'd wait until v1.1 due soon, I'll add more of them then ;) as well as fix the crouch button and the janky ledges, thanks for reporting!

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Looking forward to it! The calm isolation is what made exploring such a unique experience in OGTR so I applaud your design goals. Btw, I did manage to get the secret I was referencing, by pushing back/jump instead of side/jump from the ledge, which helped jump past the invisible collision, so desire satiated heh. Would love some old school sound effects when the secrets are found, if you're game ^^ Oh also, a reload checkpoint option in the menu would be helpful, because I got stuck in floating animation loops and behind some geometry meaning I had to quit and start a new game. 


Haha, good job! Oh and yes good point - there is actually a forced respawn button (rightshift+R) but I forgot to write it down (: