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Okay so I'm sure this is a stupid question and I'm just missing something obvious but I'm new to this game and I can't seem to figure out how to get the mod to work? I've tried another, smaller, mod and it seemed to work just fine but for some reason this one just won't work. I installed it in the folder you're supposed to and it will even show up on the mod section of the game's main menu. It'll let me click it and it'll say it's applied but none of the content seems to show up? It just plays like the regular game. I tried doing a complete clean install and redoing everything but I'm still having the same issue. Am I forgetting something? Is there something you're supposed to do to trigger it? I'm confused. 

Are any other mods installed with it? Also, what game version are you using? There is nothing specifically triggering it, it blends into the game.