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The default controls suck. WASD isn't for running but rather looking?! Z to jump and V to focus the camera?! The controls aren't the easiest to manage and makes it difficult to play if you don't have a controller. Other than that though, the game looks AMAZING! Like real Nintendo quality. If I wasn't playing this on my PC and I saw someone play this on the Switch or whatever, I'd believe that this is a real Nintendo product. Texturing is amazing as well as the modeling. Water is also really nice and really fits the environment. Audio is superb as well. The game is totally worth the download. But for me, the only real complaint that I have for the game is the default controls, but other than that it's amazing and feels like a finished product even if there are no enemies or actual objectives. 


Thanks for the comment.

Regarding controls, based on what you said about WASD I'm guessing you expected this to play like a normal PC remake, that's not the intention of the project.

This is designed to play as if it was on a Nintendo console, more specifically like a N64 game, these default controls are what you'd get if you play almost any console on an Emulator, it's not supposed to use the mouse.

Other games tend to rely on the mouse simply because the camera hasn't been thought about. Here the camera motion is part of the remake, it makes a massive difference to character motion, and it's why the controls are appropriate.