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I enjoyed playing this game a lot. I got this game a while back, but I never knew about the many different endings until after I thought about it... When I played all the endings, to the worst ending.. Idk how to explain it, but the worst ending made me think of what would happen after... It's so sad, it makes me want to make a comic about it. (note: I never made a proper comic (im trying it out tho) XD loool I might make some fanart instead idk :P <3) I guess what I'm saying is that the scenarios you created were amazing, and inspiring really. The artstyle is perfect for a game like this and the endings were incredible and adorable, and sad (I have mixed feelings, but i'm saying that I love it) Keep it up, I look forward to playing more games you make. I played up to dreaming treat and I just can't wait for the next one. Well done <3