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"250 odd hours and about 5 years of studying to produce". Damn dude, read my name. You need help dude? If it took you 250 hours and 5 years of studying just to make....this, you should give up or maybe try Amphetamine salts in low doses? Because if this super Mario 64 demo thing is the fruition of 5 years of reaserch, and 250 hours of work time, then you are not long for this world of game development. And I understand what it means to you, it's just, ten days of work, after 5 years of research, and this is it? And some game named Fat tard cat or something?  Also, your programming is more open and flexible then a Chinese prostitute at the age of 89, is this by design? Because man, its a good time fucking with this demo, I got to admit. Love the demo, wish it was an actual representation of what you could do and prove. This...well, We did this kind of shit in my high school computing classes.


Hey don't make fun of him skidding is hard work

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Great comment, dude. So, in 10 days we'll all having a newer better version of this game? Or maybe in less time, as you claim to be that good. I'm willing to see what you can do, unless... you are just disrespectfully looking down on one another's work and effort, actually without being able to even join two images in Photoshop. Enlight us, show us how it is properly done.

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Good job falling for the troll, and don't you mean "asset flipping"? 

Lol Stop trolling. What is it that you do?

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Fuck off, could you do better? If yes, prove it then smart aleck fuck. This took him hell of a lot of time and your just going to sit there and be a fucking ass to him like that????!!!!!! Fuck you, you rude little shit, and get a fucking life, you autistic fuck.

What's something you've done? Don't make fun of someone else unless you can prove you've done something better. Just because you think something is bad (in which case congrats you're one of the 696 people who dislike it, according to YouTube) doesn't mean you should attempt to break down the creator. I mean come on, man. Don't you have anything better to do with your time?

Scrub envious hoe who hasn't put any work into anything himself. Ignore