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Downloaded both this one and the Rome demos. Every time I hit End Turn, I get an error log. Every time, both games.

Hi, I will check the problem soon. Two suggestions for now: at the end of each turn the game tries to save the state, the problem could be related to a directory permission problem. If the game crashes and exits it could be a jvm problem, check the version and upgrade if needed. Let me know

It doesn't crash and exit, it just shows a huge error log. Next time, I'll grab a screenie of it. Version? They're demos, so whatever version those are. Thought I'd try them before buying.

I can not reproduce the problem on my Linux laptop, could you give details about os platform, jvm version and the error dumped in the log.

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Java 8 Update 191

Win 7 x 64

New: when I took the screens, both games crashed to desktop.

Hi after many attempts with different jvms and dirs I could not reproduce the problem on my win64. Try to move the game directory to Desktop and execute from there the jar (I am convinced it is a file system permission problem). Then please try also the following: + after having customized properly the launch.bat file to point the jvm you have downloaded from my site. I am considering you have the 2.10 game version downloaded from Let me know, Vincenzo

Well, I've always run it from the desktop.

Using your (older) Java seemed to make it work!

Two more questions:

Each game says, "The full version of the game has more available battles and will be updated..." except the full versions are the exact same battles as the demos.

Also, what do you do with money? Didn't see anywhere to buy troops or anything. Last time I saw it, said PlayerCRUSADERMoney=1000

Thanks. Looking forward to all four of them.

Hi, nice to hear your game is ready to play. I have developed a wargame general framework to use also in other type of wargames, this is the reason you see money parameter, probably in WW2 chapter I use it to limit the use of airplane support and para unit. Yes you are right there are the same battles but in the demo version most of them are in trial mode (only first 3 turn are playable). Have a nice Christmas you and your family.