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Thank you! Glad you like it. Well, yeah, it's been requested a few times...I will consider it. Thanks for the formula, that in itself should be fairly simple to implement.

Right, the bigger part is the UI.

BTW what are your current formulas and parameter values for the existing expo settings?

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That's right. The existing expo curves are simply:

expo1: x^2 

expo2: x^3

expo3: x^4

In the latest update you can now adjust the expo/superexpo settings like you suggested.

Awesome, thank you!

Would it also be possible to configure yaw separately from roll and pitch?

Currently it is the same expo for roll, pitch and yaw. I prefer to keep it simple. If a lot of people request separate curves, maybe I will add that later. For now, those who wish to set separate curves for the different axis will need to do it in their transmitter.