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The game has a lot of promise and there were a lot of things I quite liked about it, however it also has some pretty big issues that need sorting. The biggest being the bug where  error messages popped up before the game even loaded. I believe this might be a Windows 7 issue. Another issue was the broken New Game feature where there'd just be black screen after scrolling text story. I had to continue in order to play the game. 

One of the other things that really needs work is the puzzle presentation. The puzzles themselves are fine, they just need to be explained a little better/presented so that people can understand them more, especially as these are the initial puzzles presented. I touch on it a bit in the video below, but basically as they are they are frustrating. People shouldn't need to look at comments outside the game to figure out what you need to do for a puzzle.

That said, the graphics are really nicely done. The colour choice is good and the graphics themselves look really nice. I do wish the menu was a bit more interesting/useful, but what it was worked. A save option would be nice (at least before the boss, even if it were as simple as Kiara asking if you'd like to save). The sound fit very well and the music was pretty good.

I really liked the idea of the game - being stuck inside some sort of limbo dimension where you help lost souls by sticking your nose into their business and figuring out the hows/whys/wheres/whens/whats and whos of their entrapment in order to set them free. I liked that a lot.

Overall, it's got issues but it also has a lot of promise.

Thank you for your feedback, we will watch the video too and add it to our public playlist.
With all the issues you pointed out, we are aware but unfortunately we couldn't find a fix soon enough before the release.  We think the error issue at the beginning has something to do with the cutscene but we aren't sure.

The puzzles need a lot of work, we thought of a hint system so that even if you don't know what to do, the hint system would help. Also many people thought that since there is a inventory, you are supposed to use those items in the puzzles. We want to fix that too with changing inventory into journal system.

The save option will be added too, most of the things that weren't included were because we ran out of time and most of the time we didn't know 100% what to do.
Thank you so much for your time, we value your feedback and will take notes about this and try to improve our game.