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Something big needs to be sent to the graveyard!  :-0

Merry christmas! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

DEC 15

Finished making the battles

Reduced heart shield skill to 3 states

Fixed exposed weakness state, it was too low of priority. I think it’s better now.

Increased cool down of heart shield from 8 to 10

Increased stats by heart shield life gain by 250%.

Adjusted boss and I feel like it’s good

DEC 16

Updated some things in the game and added more music


Reduced dark health by 300

Adjusted cutscene and linked things together because I forgot to

Made poison be removed at the end of battle

DEC 17

Made battle for boss and evented stuff

Reduced potions from 350 to 250 and another from 550 to 450

Reduced mana potion 50 to 30, 75 to 60, 100 to 90

Removed a song for a boss battle and replaced it with a song that I liked more and was more in tune with my mood

Adjusted boss battle more and I think it’s good now

Reduced exposed weakness from 5 to 4 turns

Adjusted description of exposed weakness and status description 

Updated the first tileset of the game and turned off inked line for blood 

Thought about adjusting the first 3 levels and adding in areas of empty patches of grass but decided not to change anything that related to tile setting. Will add flowers though.

Added flowers to tileset 1 on first lvl, updated and adjusted the tileset a tiny bit

DEC 18

Adjusted walk cycle for Laura and made her face sad

Updated Thomas 

Updated Alice 

Updated chars 13

Updated chars 15

Added more dialogue for Laura in game, checked word boxes for it.

Updated script

Made ok eventing for one character even more complex but its done!

Updated dialogue in past level swamptown, Updated script.

Added tiny dialogue to lvl 7 again

Adjusted line dialogue for Sumia and added more if the. Players chooses no. Basically, even if they say no, it will still be a yes because doing more work to make it so that if you say yes that it will be the only way to do the quest is a bit too much work for me right now as I just did a complex eventing and I’m exhausted.

DEC 19

Tested frequency of random battles and I feel like it’s ok

Cleanup on C28 SC51, removed overpaint

Drew new cutscene rough sketches

Working on cutscene

DEC 20 - 21

Working on cutscene v

Just action packed stuff

Switch which songs play in what level