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It's really charming! I love the art style and music (my fav is the space song). All situations are really fun to be in, and the humour is on point. I'm a fan of observing every little thing to see what the character says of it, and there's a lot of love put into that in this game. 

SPOILERS AHEAD: I just wish I could've seen what's inside the elevator :(. Also, my only complaint-ish is that the bookshelf puzzle, since even if it's fair cuz it is different from the rest, it doesn't feel fair. I actually passed that part by accident.

END OF SPOILERS: It all feels made with care, and to me that's the most important part. Keep at it, dude.

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Thank you so much for the nice feedback! It was the first time I made a whole soundtrack for a game so I'm really happy it turned out good in your opinion! I really enjoyed writing those interactions and I'll sure make it even better if I ever make a sequel.

Haha sorry for that :P Yeah the search for the code might be the most difficult part in the game. The painting that the control panel is behind is the hint (It's a painting of a man browsing a bookshelf) but the problem is that you get that hint before you know what the hint is for so it's kind of lost :X

I definitely put a lot of time into polishing the game and I'm so happy you think it shows!

Thanks again for playing!