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I could not figure out where to go since I was told to sit at the table and nothing happened. I think the dev forgot that judges would likely play these games single-player style so a single-player option to progress would have been the better idea to use. The fact there was non-English text left in the game wasn't great either. 

That said, the graphics were alright and the sound was... okay. There seem to have been plans for crafting and the like, maybe? It's not got issues in that respect. Just... the dev needed to think a bit more about how to show multiplayer aspects without requiring people to find a way to play multiplayer. Other games have done the same in this event, allowing for single player play but showing that multiplayer is the goal (for example, having limited AI or letting the player know that multiplayer will be in the full version).


Hi, thank you for trying my Game!

Sorry for the German text, i tought i changed all textes to english...

On the Screenshots there is a Picture for Game Controls.

When the first Actor sit down you have to Press key "1" or Gamepad "START" to control the second actor.

Then sit also down with the second actor.

To change back to the first actor press key "1" and "Q" together or Gamepad "Start" and "Select" togheter.

I know its complicated but i did not found a better solution for  2-Player.  Sorry for that.