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Hey, I appreciate the comment. I'm not sure how many more assets I am going to make. When I created these it was more of a profitability evaluation. Unfortunately it appears that this is not a proper market for serious revenue at my skill level. I am very glad that someone enjoys them however. When you publish please post a link so I can purchase and we could discuss what it is your looking for. Thanks again for the kind words, they are motivating.

I understand. As soon as it's completed, I'd love to reach out more and show you what's left, what I'd like to "complete it" and the like. I will definitely share a link with you to share with others, but given that I'll be using your assets, you'll get a copy free of charge. I'm hoping sometime in January it'll be finished, but I'll keep you up-to-date on the progress. I'm also going to comment with my email address. Shoot me an email so that we can talk there.

Hi PT6, how is the game development going? I'd like to see it if possible. Thank you!

Slow. :) Had some life events happen, but I'm working on getting back into it. I was originally designing this in GMS, but they changed the license for GMS2 and it is no longer free to use, so I had to change platforms. It was a disheartening setback, but I think I found a tool that I am enjoying now, so hopefully that will allow me to catch back up to where I was. Thanks for asking!

Another update: ironically, Humble had a sale on GMS2 Desktop licenses, so I was able to resume on this platform. Work commences!

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