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I've completed the fishing request  and they ask me to beat some penguins with Tate. But everytime when I encounter those Pengy,  I always got a straight K.O. no matter how I do. 

Can you help me please? I need some tips

Hello Kirara! You have to go through the ship and find three items: The Boombox, the Soup, and the Gun Repellent. When you encounter Pengy Crunch'n without the items, you have to use Tate's skill "Tate Escape"; when you do have all those items, you have to use them in order to defeat Pengy Crunch'n.

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Thank you very much! I'll figure it out how to use those items later. By the way, Can I ask again? Jake already in his human form but he hasn't give me his core, is there something I missed?

No problem! Let me know if you have any more inquiries, and no, Jake won't give you his core u_u