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Hi there, I just bought the full game (after playing the updated demo!) and I've successfully moved the demo save folder items to the full game. Though I didn't find the save folder under app.nw in the full game contents, I copy and pasted the whole demo save folder there and upon running the full game it loaded my save file. But when I try to save in the full game, it doesn't let me (it gives me the "you can't do this action" sound). Is there any way I can fix this? Thanks!

Hi gupjo! Sometimes Mac has troubles reading/writing the folder, just try unzipping the game folder somewhere where your mac can read it well, like the Desktop! It should work then :]

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Hi Sil, thanks for the reply! I tried unzipping the game in my Desktop, but I sadly still can't save :( 
EDIT: I downloaded the game on my Windows partition and I can save normally! I'd still like to try to get it to work on Mac though (to transfer my save files), so any suggestions would be great :)

That's very odd :[ Mac's quite finicky and to be honest, none of us has a mac so troubleshooting is kind of hard to do u_u also i hope you downloaded the Windows version in the Windows partition! There was a user who played the Windows version on their mac through the index.html file and lost their saves because they were stored in the browser's cache @_@