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The game is basically a bunch of maps to explore in a mansion that has had some pretty horrific deaths occur within. You wake up in a bed and set off to explore. There's no story implemented just yet, and I ended up frozen out due to a bug, but overall the general idea is pretty good.

The presentation is nice - the mapping is well done and the idea of hiding and running from an unknown enemy, while not new, is still interesting, especially with the addition of a heart monitor in the mix. The atmosphere is added to not only by the graphics themselves (with pretty nice lighting) but also through sound and music, which fit well.

Honestly, it's a good base to build on and though we didn't get to see any hints about what the monster could be (if there even is one!) it does leave you wondering, which isn't a bad thing. The game has promise.

thanks for playing, glad u liked what I had so far. I have it mostly fixed in the version I have. Working on story as we speak, Will have story done once IGMC is over hopefully. :)