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Oh boy. Well, this game was a bit of a hot mess. It's a multiplayer game, but at least they gave you an AI assistant if you have no friends (like me ;.;). The gameplay itself wasn't bad - you ran around and killed beasties and I think the aim was to take out these red zones with harder monsters in them. There wasn't any reason why you couldn't just ignore every monster but those ones, since there was no reason to fight anything - no levelling up, no skill gains. At the start of the game you pick the skills for your character and you're stuck with them through the whole thing.

The animations were alright. The graphics had a fair few glitches and enemies were very similar to each other. Nothing looked that great (bar the sky) but it was functional at least. There was some kind of story but you had to seek it out in two ways - one by killing monsters around pillars, the other by going close to 'signposts'.

The biggest issue was that you had no idea what to do. A lot of the story couldn't be heard because of how loud the sound effects in the game were - the pillar sounds just washed out whatever was being said and there were no subtitles so... welp!