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Greetings! I really enjoyed Heartbeat, its one of my favorites.

I see that the game was launched on Steam recently. Is it possible for someone who bought it previously to get a Steam key, or is it only for people who buy it from now on?

Hello! We're very happy to hear that! :]

If you purchased the game here, go to your itch library, check the download page, and at the bottom there should be a "Generate Steam Key" button.

Is there a secondary method? I have been looking all over the page and cannot find the "Generate Steam Key" option. When I originally purchased the game I had an issue with the itch app not letting me download and had to download it through the itch website, so maybe that's why?

yo, check in the thread for my fix for this (use your browser, not the itch app), I replied wrong :p

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Heya, I was having the same problem; it looks like the "Claim Steam Key" button is only visible on the web page (I'm using Chrome), NOT on the app. If you follow the directions after going to on your browser, it works perfectly.

EDIT: er, oops, this was meant to be a reply to Deeva!


Thank you!!!