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Are you sure there won't be legal problems? The company closed, by the owners still retain trademarks. At least I think so.

I also think that they had an official contract with those who originally invented the game world. You know that it's based on comics? So, I think you also need Vertigo authorization.

And about RenPy - you think this engine will be good enough to make a game of good quality?

For some time, I also considered making an interactive movie game, though based on another novel. I decided that I am not ready for such risk: if the company that INVENTED this genre failed, I am not ready to risk money.

And to you, I just wish you luck. If you will be allowed to make sequel, and it will finished and released, I'll be happy to try it.


A company will only take you to court of you claim you own their intelectual property + gain profit from it. We are doing neither.

I might not have made this clear but this project is 100% non profit, nobody is spending or gaining any money. Not the players and not the devs.

Yes i have read the comics. 

If they have trouble with this non profit fanmade content, they will have to come after everyone who does so (TWAU fanartits and fan authors)

But anyway - Fan-made games are a form of tribute just like any other fan fiction and fanart. In this game I hope to combine the two with the help of a programmer. That's pretty much the deal.

Regardless, I thought of putting at the begining of the game the fact that this is fanmade-tribute-all that other stuff, and even put it a statement where we - the developers hope someone (preferably telltale, if they *somehow* manage) to pick up the game for real. 

This is just giving the fandom more content, in the form of an interactive movie.

About Renpy - It has been able to give players some immpressive games. It wont be like the engine Telltale use (since they havent even released it for public use), but it will be the easiest way to create this game and still have it go with the vibe of interactive movie (at least compared to a platformer or top down and such...)

And thanku!