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it's a bit confusing  (with random maps), but...ok. It has to be explained somehow in the story.   And the Quest mode - what is my own goal, what I seek in the Labirinth - it's unclear. 

Humm, good idea. I'll try to add more emphasis in the first hub.

The most annoying glitch right now - with hiding interface on Load Game. I hope v5 will solve it.

Yup, we fixing that in the next update (and also resolution settings). The load file should also store the bindings in the next update.

How the Mystic charm works? How long?

It works as long as you have it in your inventory. If you use it from your inventory it gets sent back to the merchant and turns off. I'm curious if it was enough of a difficulty modifier though. ((Maybe I should add a 2nd one you can buy if the first one isn't enough?))

-  I expected that I can buy items from merchant with usual confirmation button,  but it's [Y] on gamepad or [E] key on keyboard.  Player will need a hint maybe.

Humm, good idea, perhaps the first time you enter the merchant screen I'll make that more clear. Also I'd like to get the current gold amount you have in your inventory to show on the merchant screen too. But it is a smaller lower priority thing.

- Depleted items has to fade in ability page (be drawn semitransparent)

Yea, I like that :D It gets a little bit tricky with the arrow types though (since technically they are set as unlimited....and instead reference your crystal count when being used). I'll add it to the list of polish things though :)