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I think this is the most graphics-ly pleasing game I've played in a while! I am in LOVE with the animals - they are SO FREAKING ADORABLE! It's very cute and I love the outfit (potentially making/buy new outfits would be a major bonus!)!! I noticed that I was unable to use the Fertilizer and Triple Brew potions, though, and the dash potion didn't work when consumed. I finished buying all the cows/chickens within an hour of game play. It's a great demo and I can't wait to see how the game progresses even further!

Aw thank you so much! I'm definitely planning on adding different haircuts and outfits later in development :D 

The potions need to be used a certain way to work, and I think that might have been the issue? To use the Fertilizer Potion you need to stand over a garden bed where sprouts are growing, and to use the Triple Brew you need to stand over something you can forage (like Chamomile or Lavender). The Dash Potion should always work, it might just be hard to notice the speed increase. I'll probably add an on-screen effect to make it more clear that the potion is working.

Thank you for playing the demo, I'm glad you had fun! ^^